Friday, December 19, 2008

Hero - Hero (1977)

Continuing on from my previous Hero post, this is the band's self-titled debut issued by Mercury Records in 1977. Backed by Michael Lloyd's credentials and solid promotion, the band issued two singles from the album, but ultimately american radio wasn't biting. The band subsequently lost their label deal, only to find a new home with 20th Century Records. A stronger followup, "Boys Will Be Boys", came the following year but whatever momentum the band had built before was essentially gone. The band fractured in 1980 with members working both in and out of the business. Guitarist Neil Citron resurrected the band in the mid-80's to no avail.

Unlike the muscular "Boys Will Be Boys", this album was closer to harmless pop than robust hard rock. Listening to this gem, one can't help but notice the almost childlike innocence that lies within most of the tracks. There are plenty of standouts like the hook driven "Taxi Driver", "I'm the King, I'm the Star" and "You Are the People". Conversely, there is alot of filler here as well. Tracks like "I Love the Way You Rock & Roll", "Smile", "Runaway" and "You Cheat" aren't necessarily short on hooks, but certainly lacking any real substance or staying power. Regardless, this album is worthy of modest praise and deserves a place in any 70's pop fanatic's collection. Dig this sweet vinyl transfer and pop till you drop :)


Anonymous said...

Altho a bit chezzzzy for my taste i thank you for posting this R.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot,never did manage to track this one down!
good to see you back again !
Rob Rob

Anonymous said...

buen post .gracias de zitoid

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie!

Many thanks for the first album by Hero.

I like this record, I have had it about 1977-1978.
But I borrowed it to some acquaintance and I never got it back.

Here are some links to some albums from your Wish List.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


JKR said...

Thx so much Nils...again you saved the day! Happy happy holidays to you & yours, good sir :)

beaug said...

Hey Ronnie didnt you get my email do you have a clean rip of Melting Pot-Fire Burn Cauldron Bubble

Anonymous said...

hey how are you ronnie i had this one long time ago and i see it againg would you share can you reupload againg those links no work if there is any chance..thankyou men i let you my email addres

Anonymous said...

can someone please provide a new link for this? Thank You.