Sunday, July 13, 2008

Schloss - Schloss (1975)

Schloss were a shortlived german hard rock power trio comprised of Klaus Luley, Roger Kaeschner and ex-My Solid Ground drummer Willy Waid. Early into their career, they were signed to Germany's Oasis Records, which had recently joined up with Casablanca Records for distribution in the states. In 1975, the band's self-titled debut was released in the US but went virtually unnoticed. The band fizzled by the next year, with Luley later reappearing in Tokyo, Craaft and Douglas. The post-split activities of Kaeschner and Waid are unknown.

This album can best be described as straightforward journeyman hard rock. The music often sounds very american, though Luley's accent is detectable in places throughout. Despite a few titles in their native language, all of the lyrics are sung in english. A slight southern rock vibe permeates much of the album, which seems at odds with the european heritage of the band.

In any case, this one is recommended for curious fans of obscure 70's hard rock. Check out this contribution courtesy of Nils and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Funny to see this LP after 30 years.
In those days I don't like it so much because it so near to Status Quo.
Nowadays it is real fun to hear this again.


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Sir Lord Doom said...

Awesome, thanks for fave here is still Cool Feet - Burning Desire...that's driving me mad...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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