Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Azurite - Azurite (1979)

Azurite are a perfect example of why blogging has become such an important resource for serious music aficionados and rarity seekers. Very little is known about this interesting act, though they did form somewhere along the west coast in the mid 70's. The album (of which there are only 500 copies) is believed to have been the band's only recorded output.

Musically speaking, Azurite take equal measures of AOR, hard rock and prog to create a sound that is distinctly their own. Somehow though, much of this record falls short on cohesive creativity leaving the listener with a handful of rather unremarkable songs highlighted by some fierce guitar and decent harmonies. If you enjoyed the self-titled LPs by Gran Max or Karroll Brothers, you might find more to love here than I do. Nonetheless, here it is (courtesy of Olias) in full digital glory!


Michael said...

Hi, thanks for the music! I can't seem to find a track listing for this album anywhere online, and it's not in the file names or tags. Please help :-)

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

nice to see you "g"

BACK ???


Anonymous said...

Hey J.,

an excellent band. Absolutely never heard of before.
Do you have a tracklist?
And good to hab-ve you back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

It's sooooo good to have you back posting again. You have been orely missed.

Pete from the UK

Hulk said...

Welcome back!Keep strong to send us hidden treasures!
If it's possible to reupload the $27 Snap On Face - Heterodyne State Hospital (1977)?Thanks!!!!!

Hulk said...

For TRANQUILITY - Silver (1972)you can go to http://bongolongland.blogspot.com/

JKR said...

Ya know, I wish I had the tracklist from this LP but it was a donation. I'll do my best to get the tracklisting ASAP. Cool? Glad to be back :)

JKR said...

Thx so much Antony, duly noted & appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great share !

- Brother Sean

Anonymous said...

track 4 is
Howard Christman's Older (Cover of 60's band the collectors)
..the rest i would be guessing lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's great to see you back in action, many thanks as always for all your hard work, looking forward to seeing what musical treats will appear in the future here.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

good to see you back again
thanks for this looks innarestin..;-)
cheers now
Rob Rob

micksguitar said...

great share.glad you're back. thanx mick.

nyet said...

Good to have you back, and a great addition this Azurite album. I have no tracklist, but track 4 is a version of the Canadian band The Collectors, and its title is "Howard Christman's older".

Anonymous said...

It`s lovely to have you back!!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back at home ! Ronnie. I need your excellent posts of everyday.

josevaty. Spain

Anonymous said...

Really great underrated lp! I own the original private pressing (vinyl) which has 9 tracks. The 2 missing files are the songs "Mojie" and "Lady Blue".

Unknown said...

To anonymous:

Can you give us the tracklist of this album. Also more information on this band would be very welcome. I can't find anything on them.

Anonymous said...

Well, I wish I had more details concerning this band...

Really cool lp that I found long time ago. It is a private local pressing from 1979, recorded in L.A., feat. 4 members incl. 2 guitar players, ltd. to 500 copies & hard cardboard sleeve (like some early 70's pressings)

-Sweet Little Lodie
-That's The Way It Always Goes
-Are You Ready
-Howard Christman's Older (cover)
-Drive Me Insane
-Wise To The Ways Of The World
-Hooked On Rock-n-Roll
-Lady Blue

Of course, somes tracks are stronger than others, but it's definitely a keeper that might appeal to different types of collectors (70's, HR, nwobhm, etc.)!

Unknown said...

It's not much but many thanks for this information!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have one question.
Where is the last two songs 'Mojie' and 'Lady Blue'?

BLS said...

As one of the members of this band I was suprised to find any interest in our music after 30 years. The band was formed in 72 by myself and Gary Hignight.

Thanks for taking an interest.

Brian Schelin

BLS said...

Hi J,

I have a few more facts re Azurite. The band was originally from a town called Yucaipa, CA east of San Bernardino. They mostly worked the local and LA clubs

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information!

Trident9 said...

Brian can you send me an email, you where a friend of my fathers back in the good ole days would like to get in contact with ya Trident9@gmail.com

Hig said...

This is Hig! What do you want to know about Azurite?

Anonymous said...

HI, THis is my Dads old Band!! I didn't know this was here I just found it. My dad is Gary Hignight!! I have one of their old T-shirts still!! It was my brother's when he was a boy! I still wear it.

-Wendie Hignight

Anonymous said...



Sweet Little Lodie
That's The Way It Always Goes
Are You Ready
Howard Christman's Older
Drive Me Insane
Wise To The Ways Of The World
Hooked On Rock-n-Roll

Anonymous said...

Hey I grew up with Gary Hignight in Yucaipa. We were in the very first band together he was ever in. Soul Therapists! I lived on 14th st. Me, Gary, Chuck Burr, Can someone get ahold of Gary I been looking for him for years and years. He was the best man in my wedding. Tell him he was Jim and Debbies best man! Jim that lived on 14th St. he will know who it is SurfSoCa50@aol.com is my email PLEASE let me know how to reach him. I know he older brother was living up in Yucca. I heard he moved to Mo. I really would like to say hi. WE were like brothers when we were younger.

Anonymous said...

all the links at sharebee are dead now, can we get a re-up somehow please... I would like to hear this band for sure.

Thanks for a great blog.. peace

mhuss said...

Could you please show me a link to download this incredible album.

I am also a MUSIC GEEK with over 250,000 mp3's in my 3TB hard drive.
I can share whatever you need.


Anonymous said...

Saw Azurite play in a bar in Yucaipa,CA. Circa May 1980. Good rock band when your buzzed. Had a tall slender girl who was onstage with them as part of band,,can't remember what she played,,tried to ask her out and in turn asked if I wanted to be a roadie,,lol the answer was No to both!!

Anonymous said...

Would love to get this link back up and working.

Thanks for all the efforts

Unknown said...

I was listening to a tape that was sent to me by Jerry Moore. I think is was before the album. Anyway, I'm trying to locate Jerry, if anyone has info to help I'd appreciate it.

Jsnyder said...

@ Sandra Hobbs, sadly Jerry Moore passed away.