Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Two Steps Back

Well, I was preparing to lay down some great posts this week when it came to my attention that many of my recent uploads have been deleted. Apparently there is another blogger or unsatisfied reader who feels that sabotaging my work here is a lot of fun. Though I do foresee a hiatus for a short while to re-up everything I've lost, I will resume posting as I have for almost the last year. There's too much overlooked music waiting to be shared, so please bear with my as I take a sabbatical to reconstruct what has been removed. If anyone cares to contribute new links for the rapidshare uploads I did from Nov-Dec, please contact my email addy listed at the bottom of this blog. I'll repost as they arrive. Thanks again and rock forth.


Austrocker40 said...

sorry to hear that

kingpossum said...

Rock forth indeed. I personally know members of overlooked groups such as The Load and McGuffey Lane (both Columbus, OH), who are joyed when their music is exposed by bloggers such as yourself when the labels themselves refuse to.

Note to deleters: Deleting because you think the artist is being denied revenue? You're wrong.

An artist cannot make make money on a title that is not offered for sale by the label. And Mr. J is not profiting by what he does either.

Labels who view their low-interest back catalogue as more valuable as collateral for securing favorable loan rates so they can buy new cars for themselves, than as saleable product.

How does keeping music locked up in the vault help the artist? It doesn't. An artist cannot make money on a title that the label does not offer for sale (unless OOP tunes get radio play, which they would be compensated for).

Hey deleter, when you sold your Corolla as a used car to somebody else, did you pay Toyota some of the money you made on it?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

don't worry, as soon as you add it, it will be deleted.

Anonymous said...

You got attacked by the so called Mr. Deleter Ronnie, like so many other blogs nowadays. This fucker hides behind a false mask acting "under his label and bands" wishes, but if it's the same idiot that's been over at FrogNotProg the only people/bands/artist he can show on his side are some neoproggers and others nobody cares about. So i think you are up agains a bigott idiot acting like he owns every copyrighted item made since the late 20's cuz he kills everything he sees. I wish you the best of luck Ronnie but i think you will go out of buiseness like so many other bloggers did the last months, because whenever you up a new link this idiot is sitting at his end and kills it again.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had that kind of energy and nothing else better to do than screw up others lives, too busy trying to do right thing and not interfering, want to make things right?, convince these labels to please at least make the titles available with covers on iTunes, else, please leave Mr. Ronnie alone and his friends also.

Halloween Jack

Roger Camden said...

You have a great blog going, deleted links or not.
Don't let "them" stop you now.

Anonymous said...

people are pathetic man sorry to hear that, your efforts should be applauded not deleted by jealous record geeks..

Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie
hopefully this troll will get bored and sneak off back to whatever bridge he crawled from under..keep the rock coming Dude!

Topsy Kretts said...

Hello Ronnie, this morning I discovered your blog and I have to say, your work is FANTASTIC. I found & loaded Mandrill's 2nd album from '72 because I never heard this one before, (I have their 1st). What is bombastic, I found on your list album Attila 1970 with very good quality, unfortunately the link is dead. So, if is possible, please re├║pload it.
I read, that you have a problem with deleter. I had this problem too, couple of mounth ago. So I know how you feel. Don't let, that this idiot take away your taste for work with this blog. Your adress I'll put between others links on my blog. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

like to see this posted again if you get a chance. Thanks.


skids said...

"E DICKS" ruin everybodys fun :-(

Hulk said...

hi!can you re upload the link of $27 Snap On Face - Heterodyne State Hospital (1977)?

Anonymous said...

Here's a request for you...do you have Snail - Snail 1978? It includes "The Joker" Please post if you do thanks.


Anonymous said...

Any word on when you will be back up and running?

Anonymous said...

Do you, by any chance, have The Mystic Number National Bank album? I saw them live in KC and loved St. James Infimeray.

Boomland said...

Hey Ronnie, I've been a big fan of your blog for while now. It's really sad to see that it's been inactive in recent times. Hopefully, you'll be up and running again soon. I

In the meantime, would it be possible to re-up the Bad Boy - Private Party file?


Anonymous said...

Also found:
Blues Creation - Demon & Eleven Children (1971):

Password: awangarda


Anonymous said...

A fantastic blog where long searching music fans and collectors may find their long lost gems. Looking for 'St. Paradise' featuring Derek St Holmes and 'Black Rose' featuring Les Dudek & Cher, both out of print and long lost even to most vinyl collectors. Any help greatly appreciated even more so than what your wonderful blog already is so by most ardent fans

freQazoidiac said...

i doubt it was a jealous, malicious attack. It is probably just as the industry dictates and they were simply deleted due to non-essential status among server space. That's all. If you want more control, just do something like Qnext..host it on your own computer, control flow and have a sharing community. not just one way. Cheers, good blog.