Monday, August 20, 2007

Target - Target (1976)

Memphis hard rock quintet, Target, were formed in 1974 and featured one Jimi Jameson, who would later turn up in Cobra and Survivor. After a few years of touring the midwest, the band secured a record deal with A&M Records and issued their self-titled debut in 1976. The band immediately took to the road, supporting many of the era's biggest artists, but failed to see any chart action. Undaunted, the band issued their followup effort "Captured" the following year, but sales continued to dwindle until Target were without a contract. They disbanded in 1978 as musical climates were beginning to shift in new directions. Jamison would form Cobra before finally landing a spot in Survivor, where he would enjoy several years of national success. In recent years, Jamison has been recording and touring with his own incarnation of Survivor.

Considering Jamison's reputation as an arena rock frontman, "Target" comes as quite a surprise. With a hard southern rock sound, the album comes closer to Molly Hatchet or Blackfoot than it does anything related to his work with Survivor. Though the hooks are subtle for the most part, this is an excellent batch of heavy 70's rock. Sadly, the band failed to ignite the charts or airwaves perhaps due to lack of a strong indentity. In any case, "Target" is definitely worthy of a download and since there are no reissues on the horizon, this decent vinyl will have to do. Check it and dig Target.


micksguitar said...

thanx for another great hard rock lp. i used to have this but it walked off. thanx for letting me hear it again. mick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the disc, anything by Jamison is worth a listen or two, still one of the best voices in rock.

kingpossum said...

Great to see this one up, Ronnie. Memphis' answer to Bad Company, one might say.

And though the music is more rootsy than the stuff he would do in Survivor, Jimi Jamison's vocal power that got him that gig is in strong evidence here.

To my ear, the better example of Paul Canon's fluid guitar work is the follow-up, "Captured".

Thanks for the great music as always,

Anonymous said...

This is a great album, i got it a while back from the garden of sound blog.
If you like classy Classic Rock give this one a try.
Anyone know what happened to that blogger or his site?
I found so much great music through that guy, then one day the site was just gone with no warning.
Did Target record anything further or was this it for them?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this post of the Target - Target album. Is there any chance you can upload the artwork for this CD?

I live in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, so I am very familiar with Target. Thay had one more album that they recorded in 1977, entitled "Captured".

Again, thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

There's a band now called Target, which is a Manhattan Transfer type group. Most people only know the store.

Anonymous said...

Great post ty for this :)