Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Convict - Go Ahead...Make My Day (1984)

Fans of Canadian thrash outfit, Piledriver, should find this album interesting. Piledriver's legendary debut, "Metal Inquisition", was released in the US with an alternate tracklisting from it's Canadian counterpart. The songs "Sex With Satan" and "Sodomize the Dead" were omitted and replaced with "Twister" and "Devil's Lust". Those two tracks were actually culled from the same sessions that yielded this album by Convict. In fact, Convict were never a band...but then again, neither were Piledriver. In truth, both "bands" were merely studio fabrications featuring various session men employed by Canadian metal label, Cobra Records. According to Gord Kirchin (the vocalist on both albums), the label were simply trying to cash in on the thrash craze, which was in its infancy in 1984.

Though none of the tracks have quite the punch of the Piledriver album, there are a small handful of tracks that would've fit nicely alongside the tracks on "Metal Inquisition". All in all, it's a poor effort but Kirchin's snarl does lend credibility to a few of the cuts here. The album slipped into obscurity upon its release and has since never been reissued. Ripped from clean vinyl, this album is at least worth a listen for inquiring minds. Download it!


Anonymous said...

Reissue? This tripe??? NEVER!!!
I can't even believe anyone would want to download it!
Well.. if it DOES get downloaded, will anyone send me the 2 cents it's worth???
Thought not..
Gord 'The Exalted Piledriver' Kirchin

JKR said...

LMAO, glad you popped in here Gord! It's no secret how you feel about the guttersnipes you worked with at Cobra, but c'mon..."Evil Eyes" is actually pretty cool. So glad to see you revving up the Piledriver machine again. Come to the south, PLEASE! And where's that new album? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gord, I'd surely send you the 2 cents it's worth but I already bought this back in '84 for around $10. Sounds like YOU owe ME $9.98! Just kidding, man. I love your work. Piledriver's "Sex With Satan", "Sodomize..." and "Human Sacrifice" are 3 of my favourite songs to this day! And yeah, I bought that album when it came out, too.

Anonymous said...

This is quite a valuable piece of my past! I rember being in the mall and a bunch of new metal band cassettes were available in Zellers! I went carzy calling all my buddies and we all gathered some cash and everybody bought 2 tapes! I didn't buy the convict but it did have it come to me eventually in trades!! We used to swap alot of cassettes back and forth and i remember getting this one in a massive deal! I would love to get ahold of this again!!

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I was one of the musicians that worked on the tracks. We made this record pretty quickly and it turned out good for what it was. That's the music biz for you.