Saturday, April 14, 2007

Wrathchild - Stackheel Strutt

Wrathchild were one of those bands who seemed poised for massive success, only to end up strangled by legalities and label hassles. In retrospect, I suppose there was nothing extremely mindblowing about the band's music or image, but their timing couldn't have been more perfect. The band were the first to coin the term 'Glam Metal' and are arguably at the forefront of the movement that swept through Europe and the United States during the early to mid eighties. A curious cross between NWOBHM and the New York Dolls, Wrathchild were a brash and uncompromising quartet with a highly visual stage show and look. Over the years they would temper their look to fit the times, but the earliest stages of their career saw the band draped in spikes, studs, nails, black leather and mile high hair.

This EP, "Stackheel Strutt", represents that era of the band's career. Aside from a poorly recorded demo released the previous year, this was Wrathchild's introduction to the world. People took notice and for several years, the band were gracing the pages of reputable music magazines all over the UK. It all went south within a few years, but this is some of the band's best material. Never pressed to CD, "Stackheel Strutt" is here for your downloading pleasure. For inquiring minds, this will be a pleasant surprise. Dig in!

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