Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slave Raider - Bigger, Badder, Bolder

Ah, now here's a relatively obscure relic from the past. Slave Raider, the much maligned glam metal quintet from Minneapolis, were one of the many acts who seemed poised for breakthru success only to find apathy at every turn. With a campy pirate schtick & major-label backing, how did it all fizzle out? Well, I think timing is everything and Slave Raider just came along a little too late to really cash in on the hair metal craze of the late 80's. By the time these boys (and girl) stomped their way onto the scene, it was already saturated by copycat acts and kitschy wannabees all jockeying for airtime and exposure.

To their credit, the band wrote infectious and hooky hard rock. Chainsaw Caine's vocal chops were exceptional and there's no denying their image was attention getting. Both of their major label releases, "Take the World By Storm" and "What Do You Know About Rock & Roll?", were impressive. Jive Records apparently didn't think so and dropped the band. Subsequently, several members jumped ship and Slave Raider entered the studio to record a self-financed album in 1990.

This is that album, "Bigger, Badder, Bolder". The title says it all, folks. This is heavier, ballsier and rowdier than anything else the band ever recorded. Is it better? Well, download this obscure album and judge for yourself. Considering this album pulls $100+ on eBay, this HQ rip might save you a little money and time. Enjoy.


micksguitar said...

very good post of a semi rare lp. great band thanxs so much.mick

junta said...

Do you have the album "Take the world by storm" ?

Anonymous said...

too hardz to findz albumz in other blog.

Anonymous said...

Lead singer Chainsaw was from Chicago, and was previously part of Ruby Starr's band. They were a good live act.