Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hudson Brothers - Ba-Fa

Ba-Fa was the band's fourth album and the last truly worthy entry in their repertoire. Bearing shades of the Beach Boys and Beatles, the material does sometimes tend to come across schizophrenic. In spite of its identity crisis, "Ba-Fa" is generally regarded as one of the band's classic recordings. If you've never heard the album, then enjoy this clean vinyl transfer. Check it!


Anonymous said...

It's too bad their shows are not in re-runs, not to mention on DVD'; they were really funny for their time. Same for the albums was well.


Anonymous said...

Though not on this LP "So You a Star" is one of my all time pop favorites.

Anonymous said...

I had this album as a kid, but haven't owned or heard it since. Upon receiving a naughty text message, "Hard on Me" popped into my head. One whim search later, I once again can hear the album I enjoyed and had forgotten about over 25 years ago. Sincere thanks!!

georgie said...

I luv this album !!!! I bought it way back in '75.
you should add all the Hudson Brothers albums.
I've got the Breathless album from 1979 as mp3's thats on your wish list.
contact me at....