Friday, April 20, 2007

Hudson Brothers - Totally Out of Control

If there ever was a band who personified both teenage idol fluff AND true artistic merit, it is the Hudson Brothers. Long before David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, Bay City Rollers and other teen icons sprang upon the scene, the Hudsons were hard at work in the pacific northwest under the name, The New Yorkers. Several years on the scene finally landed them a label deal with Playboy Records and a name change. Their self-titled debut, "Hudson", was issued in 1972 but sales were slow and the album vanished quickly. Luckily, their new friend Elton John signed them to his Rocket Records label and Hudson mania quickly set in.

This album, entitled "Totally Out of Control", was their first under the direction of Elton John and partner Bernie Taupin. It's a brilliant power pop album oozing with hook filled melodies, soaring harmonies and loads of conviction. Another album and hit single later, they were bona fide rock stars. In 1974, Hudson mania reached its peak and the boys became the hosts of their own variety show, "The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show". Gracing the covers of practically every teen magazine during this time period ensured their celebrity, but also stripped them of the respectability they eagerly sought.

Despite that they had 'sold out', their music was as solid as ever and there was no denying their writing and performing talents. Sadly, as with most 70's teen icons, their fame was brief and by 1977, the backslide into banality had begun. Two albums followed and by the early 80's, they were all but forgotten. Luckily, each of them have gracefully transitioned into other areas of showbiz and have maintained successful careers ever since. Mark, the mustachioed middle brother has toured in Ringo Starr's All-Stars Band for years and has written huge singles for Hanson, Aerosmith and Celine Dion. Brett and Bill have moved into film and television production.

Apart from a late 90's retrospective release, the Hudsons have never seen CD reissue. This classic album, along with "Hollywood Situation" and "Ba-Fa" have been circulating in file trading circles for a few years now. This trifecta of golden power pop will be featured here in the coming days, beginning now with "Totally Out of Control". Download this clean vinyl rip and enjoy the goodness of the Hudson Brothers!


Nicky 10lbs said...

These Hudson Brothers records are great.As a kid it wasn't cool to like there music just the show ,but I always liked the music too .Thanks Ronnie

Anonymous said...

imho Totally Out Of Control is THE BEST Beatlesque album ever made - amazing blend of both John & Paul's styles. A+

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great album

Anonymous said...

I remember watching The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show" on Sunday mornings on CBS.
Maybe 1975 or 76, so re-runs?

I aam pretty sure I remember one show they said they were upset, maybe it was about being called "sell-outs" ?

I think they mentioned they might be cancelled, and then it did disappear.

A similar storyline was used again later in The Kaptain Kool and Kongs saturday morning show on ABC.