Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Millard Powers - Solo Works

I'm sure to many of you, the name Millard Powers is an unfamiliar one. To give you a little background, Millard was a member of Ben Folds' old band Majosha. He also later recorded an elusive album with Semantics. Semantics featured Zak Starkey and Will Owsley as well. Millard later went on to write, record and tour for Ben's solo album, "Rockin' the Suburbs". He has also toured with Amy Grant, as well as engineering a number of mainstream albums for other artists. In the middle of all this activity, Millard did manage to record some of his own material and for a while had it available for download at That was years ago and since then, those tracks have slipped into virtual obscurity...until now.

If you're a fan of Owsley or Ben Folds, you'll find much to enjoy here. Snag these while you can, as these tracks are impossible to find.


King Size Mong said...

Thanks for this, a year late I know but what can I say...

Good job megaupload hangs on to stuff!!

I have Owsley's Hard Way -

And The Semantics Powerbill -

On my blog if you'd like them.


thebernreuter said...

Now now. Owsley's solo albums, especially "The Hard Way," are still commercially available in hard copy form, and both are on iTunes. So please throw money at him and take down whatever links you have to his in-print material; he's a working musician, and a good one at that.

As for the Semantics album, that one is definitely LONG out of print and probably never will surface again, so keep having fun with that one! It's an incredible album.

thebernreuter said...

Nevermind - apparently both Owsley albums moved all original units of the hard copy pressings, and no additional pressings are planned. Touché!

So iTunes it is I guess. There's also a "new" two song single featuring "Psycho" and "Upside Down" on the iTunes store, which is very worth getting.


PowerPopFan said...

The download link for Millard Powers solo cd no longer works. I really want this one! Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

PowerPopFan said...

The ziipshare link no longer works. Still trying to get Millard Powers songs. Does anyone know where they can be downloaded? I would be happy to pay for it if it were an actual CD, but one doesn't exist. Thanks

JKR said...

Try here and anjoy:!kMIDwQYT!FBPJ2y8C6zCdwX1PIveHkUNmdK1yaZ_HnDkc7wmuTds