Thursday, April 12, 2007

Mother's Finest - Not a Bootleg

Mother's Finest fans will agree that the band has struggled quite a bit over the last two decades to reassert their name on the forefront of the modern rock scene. From 1976-1981, the band enjoyed many high profile tours and album releases. Since the departure of drummer, BB Queen and the termination of their contract with Atlantic Records in early 1982, it's been an uphill climb. Undaunted, this multi-racial funk/rock outfit continued touring the states and overseas for years, sporadically releasing albums that either would go out of print almost immediately or were only available in Europe.

In 1996, the band recorded a self-financed album called, "Not a Bootleg", which was only made available at their live performances. A few years later they recorded an EP, "UMEUSWE", which was also self-financed and sold at shows. When 2003 rolled around, they were finally able to release a proper full-length entitled "Meta-Funk-n-Physical". This album culled all the material from their EP, as well as a portion of "Not a Bootleg". However, there were leftovers that were unique to this release. The entire "Not a Bootleg" album is available here for the first time since 1996. Download, enjoy and tell your friends about this fantastic band.


Dutchboy said...

Awesome ! Thanks.

Dutchboy said...

You can find a live video (one song)overhere: small screen but the music is great !
PS i placed a comment over at that you have a Sweet d buster album so maybe this would generate more visitors for your blog.

Dutchboy said...

The last part should have read popfestivallochem.html

Anonymous said...

From all the MF posts this album is the one that I most hear. Great vocal.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for all this Mother's Finest posts!!!
if possible, could you post the now rare "One Mother To another" from 1983 ?

Anonymous said...

Márcio Said:
More One Album From Mother's Finest For Download, Contributed:

Information Of the Album:
Mother's Finest - 1989
Album/CD: Looks Could Kill (May, 1989)
Label: Capitol Records

1- For Your Love ... 4:17
2- I'm 'N' Danger ... 4:50
3- Legs And Lipstick ... 6:10
4- Dream Come True ... 4:58
5- Stilloveach Other ... 4:51
6- I'll Never Be The Same ... 5:13
7- Brave And Strong ... 5:35
8- Your Wish Is My Command ... 4:04
9- Cherrish Your Lover ... 5:03
10- Heartbreaker ... 4:41
11- Call Me Mister ... 3:50
12- Too Serious ... 4:04

Link for Download:
Password: willforall

Van said...

Oh my god, I've looked everywhere for this record. Now, I've downloaded it but I can't open the file or play it. What opens a .rar file extension? How do I play this? Can you help point me in the right direction? You can email me at Thanks.