Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wishlist Mega Update!

Be sure to check out my newly expanded wishlist on the right margin of this blog, good people! If any of you happen to own some of these titles, be sure to click the "Submissions & Requests" link below the wishlist so we can work something out. Keep an eye out for some interesting rarities in the coming days :) Till then...


'orchman' said...

Hi R.

Good to see that your back in action :-)

I got quite few of your wants but i bet people will beat me to it as it might take a few days to put them all together.
But i can give you a link to Downtrip here and now...

I'll be intouch about what i can provide.

Anonymous said...


You can find Bodkin at

Anonymous said...

Hi J,

Got Duke Jupiter "sweet cheeks" and Paris "Big Town 2061". I'll send them on this week.


Ronnie (aka J) said...

Thx everyone for your generous gestures :) I am glad to be back in the swing (albeit a little slower at the moment) & will be doing my utmost to keep those obscurities coming :) Peace!

bigfootkit said...

You'll find many on your wants list in the archives at these two blogs:


Hope this helps, i know i got Swampgas, Leviathan, Glory, Fat, Bodkin & Bent Wind from these blogs in the past. They may also have posted further items from your wants list which i didn't download.

bshears said...

Gooder n Bad Vinyl has the Upp link as well as some good history on it.


Nils Tibor said...

Hi Ronnie!

Nice too see you back again.

Straight Shooter - My Time, Your Time (1980)
Straight Shooter - 5 (1983)
Available on

I have Schloss - Schloss (1975) (LP)
and Mr. Big - Mr. Big (1977) (LP)
Also I have Felt - Felt (1971) (CD)
I can upload these three albums if you want that.

Recently I got Shabby Tiger - Shabby Tiger (1976) (LP) and I can upload it in higher bitrate (@192-224) if you want that.

I saw in your comments section earlier that someone uploaded that album only in @128 bitrate.


Ronnie (aka J) said...

Nils...absolutely! I would LOVE any contributions from you. Those titles sound fabulous. I appreciate your help completely! Everyone else, THANK YOU for the tips...things are good at RFR I tell ya! :)

Steamhammer said...

The Mr Big LP , Photographic Smile is just a compilation of their two LP's. Both are worth getting for themselves!

bigfootkit said...

Tor-Erik just posted both the Mr. Big albums at his blog today:

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Haha! I'm one step ahead of ya! :) God bless Erik!

Dan said...

Hello - I can upload

Butterfingers - s/t
Nucleus - s/t
Salem Mass - Witch Burning

I'll post them when they're ready.


Ronnie (aka J) said...

Thx Dan....that would be most excellent! Just email me when you're set & ready :)

Dan said...

Here's one of them, Ronnie..

Butterfingers - Butterfingers (1970 @256k) CD RIP

Dan said...

Here's another one...

Nucleus - Nucleus (1969 @256k)

I'm having probs with sharebee, will upload the Salem Witch album as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

does anyone know a blog with the Player albums on it? Thanks Mark

Anonymous said...

These ones i might be able to send
Doc Rockit
Granny's Intention
Nite City
Salem Mass
I'll start with the blues creation title you wanted

Its the first time i've uploaded so i hope it works ok.

Anonymous said...

Do you have Broken Home 2nd LP 'Life'

cnote said...

Hey J, I noticed you don't have "Surrender-Surrender(1979)" in your wish list anymore. Does this mean you have it?. If so please post it. Thanks.

Tom said...

Hi, I have a white label test pressing of Photographic Smile by Mr Big for sale on Ebay. I've had a search round and haven't seen it for sale anywhere else!
Best wishes,