Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cinema Face - Cinema Face (1983)

Ontario's Cinema Face began in 1980, brandishing a clever blend of progressive rock and AOR. Combined with the band's theatrical stage show and impressive stage lighting, Cinema Face were quick to establish an impressive following which eventually led them to the studio to craft their self-financed debut. In early 1983, "Cinema Face" was unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses, though distribution issues would quickly dash any hopes of mass marketing for the band. Though efforts to conquer their native country proved disastrous, the band quickly became cult heroes in Japan and parts of Europe. Lack of funding eventually grounded the band before they could ever capitalize on their new found overseas success.

When Pacemaker Records reissued their debut in 1994, the surprising demand for Cinema Face prompted the band to reunite for a followup album. "Face Card" was released in 1996, though the band were incapable of trumping anything they had accomplished in their prior incarnation. It is generally regarded as an inferior followup to their stellar debut. Since then, the band has all but vanished with members embarking on various musical and non-musical projects over the years. Vocalist/guitarist, Franco, has since worked in film, theatre and issued a solo album, "Cydonia Mensae" to critical acclaim.

Cinema Face is truly one of Canada's national treasures. With a sleek, jarring and musically accomplished sound, the band should have been poised for greatness in their prime. As with many other fantastic bands, it was merely a case of bad business and poor timing. With a sound slightly comparable to Zon, Harlequin or Shooting Star, Cinema Face possesses a decidedly darker style than any of the aforementioned artists. Rooted firmly in theatrics, much of what can be found on this release could easily pass for a film score to an intense psychological thriller or sci-fi movie. Perhaps the two strongest cuts here are "You Drive Me Out of My Mind" and "Ugly Sisters", each possessing a brooding intensity that rarely surfaces in this genre.

It is absolutely imperative that fans of progressive AOR dig in and check out this masterwork from Cinema Face. You'll be scratching your head wondering why you ever missed them in the first place. If there was ever a band who truly encapsulates the "talented band who fell thru the cracks" theory, it is Ontario's brilliant Cinema Face.


Skydogg said...

I really love this album. Some abrupt endings to some songs though, but absolutely recommended. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree, I gem to be discovered by everyone who likes good music.
Thanks Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Having problems downloading this file. Is the link still valid?

cnote said...

j...could you possibly re-up the Cinema Face album. Would love to hear it again. Thanks & keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Had the pleasure of seeing this band at the old Gasworks in Toronto, sorry to see the link no longer working.
Any chance of re-posting it?
Thanks, Grant

Anonymous said...

Please repost this as the link
is now invalid. If anybody has
it please repost where you like
and advise here.

harleytexas said...

please reup thisa

Rayvee said...

Bought this when it came out on CD. Loads of plays, but I never really warmed up to it. too theatrical, maybe. Likely one of the best puns ever for a band's name.

shackstrain said...

Howdy any Chance to re-up Cinema Face??
Funny rounding TO back in the day I never did catch them But very consruction site with those plywood barriers had their posters plastered all over the side walks in the downtown
Did hear some limited air play on CFNY the odd time & liked what Cinema face was doing.I'd like to have it for My collection

Anonymous said...

Remember going to the Gasworks to see the band in the early 80's. Even Wolfman Jack gave them an endorsement. I know the band well, Mark Thomas, one of their Bass players, is my brother-in-law.

PMac0508 said...

Please re-issue, re-up or whatever, but please make this available as it is no longer attainable through Rapid Share.

Anonymous said...

Saw them a couple times at Main Street in the Shwa, good times!