Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Attention contributors!

As mentioned in my post from last week, I have moved to a new email address. In the process of moving to my new home, all data from my old email address was lost when my old PC was damaged. As a result, I am unable to retrieve all of email addys for those of you who have contributed music and/or plan to contribute in the near future. That means fine folks like TT, Daz, Steffen, Dr.Woe, Ritchie Blackmore, Orchman, ResidentEvil2, aor66, Rob, Gerry, mamedia, fairplaybeach, higginz, gary_lankford and others. If you could please email me at the address linked at the bottom right margin of this page, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to remain in contact with you and want to be sure that your contributions are properly credited for some of my future postings.

If you are a new contributor, please contact me and we'll talk about getting your submission posted here ASAP! If you have a request, get with me and I'll start digging!

Thanks everyone!!!!


Jose Manuel said...


If is possible any album of Johnny Markin


snowmonkey said...

Greetings from Amerika!

Found this site through the Heavy Rock Spectacular site. Interesting mix of tunes here.

Don't let the deleter's get you down, it's just the last gasp of a buggywhip maker.

rockmanenuff said...

Keep up the excellent posts, your blog is a wonderful site with tunes that most thought long gone in the grey matter. Any chance of St. Paradise featuring Derek St Holmes????

John Sposato said...

I have a hard to find album or two on my blog. Link's in the profile.