Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nantucket - V (1985)

Nantucket's final studio album came in the form of "V", released by Executive Records in 1985. With the band's fortunes clearly on the wane, "V" was issued in the hopes of grabbing the brass ring before everything fell apart. Though the band's intentions were noble, the ridiculous modernization of their established sound only assured their status as a band completely without direction. The production alone is almost too overbearing to warrant even a casual listen. With bellowing electronic drums, synth stabs & reverbed guitars, one listen and it is clear...this is NOT the Nantucket fans grew to love. Though there are some viable hooks here and there, the ambience of the album is so distracting that it's nearly impossible to appreciate the artistry of the music itself.

Naturally, this signaled the end of Nantucket for many years, though the band has been enjoying a minor resurgence in their hometown region since the beginning of the millennium. Dig this pristine vinyl transfer from Mike and hear the last studio outing from Nantucket.


nyet said...

Always loved this band, but I had never been able to put my hands on this album til now. Thanks a lot

btw, a couple of tracks are not properly tagged (file name is ok, though)

Anonymous said...

can you reup this album pls ty.