Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stonebolt - Juvenile American Princess (1982)

Here it is, the last Stonebolt entry. "Juvenile American Princess", the band's fourth and final album, was released in 1982 and went virtually unnoticed in the states. Canada, however, was a different story as numerous singles came and went with modest success. The next year was spent touring and promoting the album but by the end of 1983, the members amicably laid Stonebolt to rest. Members went on to their own respective projects until reconvening in 1997 for a live appearance and to work on their greatest hits package. Since then, Stonebolt has resurfaced sporadically to perform shows in the Vancouver area.

"Juvenile American Princess" is a decent addition to the band's repertoire, though the material is notably more lightweight than much of their previous output. I would compare this release to their debut, with a less varied approach to the music. There are plenty of hooks to be found here, as evidenced by the compact tightness of tracks like "Slow Dancin", "Are You Listening?" and the title track. Though the band's sense of melody hasn't left them here, many of the songs collapse under the weight of their predictability and MOR tendencies. Whatever the case, this final piece of the Stonebolt puzzle is a must for fans. This clean vinyl rip was contributed by 'Nuxx'. THANK YOU! Enjoy "Juvenile American Princess"...

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