Monday, October 22, 2007

Contact Update!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new email address, so if you wish to submit a request or contribution for the site, please update your address book accordingly. You can go straight to my email by clicking the link at the bottom right margin of this blog :)

There will be a new posting coming in the next 24hrs, so keep your eyes peeled. We're getting there, folks. I sincerely appreciate your patience and readership! See you in a short while!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

Billy Shears

Alocacoc said...

GREAT news, Ron!
Good to have you back,
really looking forward to
what's next on this amazing blog.
Rock on, dude!


Anonymous said...

great to hear your back but that is one long 24 hrs.

Kolaboy said...

I never relized just how heavy a vinyl collection could be until my recent move.
And, welcome back =)

kissmar said...

Hola!,realmente tienes una musica excelente y buen gusto,quiziera agregarte a mi lista de amigos de nuestro blog!!

kissmar said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! your blog is so great & full of rarities, but what about the 1983 Mother's Finest Lp "One Mother To Another" that you promised to post some momths ago?