Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Missing In Action: A Status Update

Hello good people and lovers of underappreciated music. You're prob wondering what's been going on with RFR over the last few weeks. The truth of the matter is that I've reached a very transitional phase in my life as of late and the changes occurring have slowed down my activities more than I had intended. No worries, though. In due time, I'll be back at this blog with more consistency than ever. I appreciate everyone visiting and have much more to share as soon as things slow down a little on my end. Fair enough? Contributions and requests are still welcome, so be sure to visit the link at the bottom right of this page for contact info. See you all REAL soon....promise!


Anonymous said...

Yes I fully understand. Not to worry though, we'll still be here. And now we get a chance to listen to all great releases! ;)
I'm listening to Life 'Lif After Death' at the moment. Brilliant!.

camelblue said...

Hope you comeback soon.
I will add you to my link-list
C-ya J


Anonymous said...

take your time Ronnie, but ...come back,please!!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all you do, hope all is well, you were so right on the Bandit and Jet posts, thanks.

Billy Shears

kissmar said...

Your blog seems to me to be fantastic and original, me gustaria if you had CENTURY's things really it is not obtained at all. Thank you And it(he,she) returns soon. Marcelo from Argentina.


torbentj said...

That´s OK, Ronnie. That'll give me some time to soak in all this fantastic music from my favorite period. A million thanks!!!

Bruce said...

Ronnie....what can i say?! i monitor a a lot 'o blogs w/ what i do and yours is one of my absolute favorites because you are committed to 'doing deep' all the time and you address my early/mid 70's hard rock fetish and desire to find all the great stuff i missed or was not aware of back then!

there's a lot of folks like me out there who feel the same way even tho they may not have posted h ere yet- but flowing streams of thanks for all your hard work!

so take care of business and come on back refreshed and feeling good and better about all aspects of your life......

blessings to you, be well and, of course, plenty of rawk!

bruce @ not lame

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Well thank you, Bruce. As a power pop fanatic & songwriter, I am honored by your kind words. I've been a customer at Not Lame for many years & consider your fine site to be the ultimate source for inquiring power pop lovers. Feel free to contact me anytime at muzik_guy@comcast.net I'd love to hear from you!