Monday, September 3, 2007

White Chocolate - White Chocolate (1973)

This Connecticut based outfit came together in 1971, after ending their time as the backing band for both Buddy Miles and Arthur Lee. White Chocolate soon dominated the east coast circuit and soon came to the attention of RCA Records, who promptly signed the band and issued their self-titled debut in 1973. Though the album contains some enterprising material, poor promotion resulted in stiffed album sales which eventually killed the band's contract with RCA and ultimately the band itself. The prinicipals of the band quickly regrouped in 1975 under the newly dubbed Dirty Angels and eventually went on to issue two cult classic before imploding at the close of the decade. Members later went on to acts like Joe Perry Project, Farrenheit and Slo Leak.

"White Chocolate" is an excellent example of genre splicing, as the band brings equal amounts of soul, funk, blues and hard rock to the table throughout. Sounding like an anglophile Mother's Finest at times, the band tear confidently through ten songs with absolute ease. This balance of breeziness and brashness makes for a very distinct sounding record that defies strict categorization. In between all of this genre hopping, one can also hear latin flourishes as well as dashes of west coast country rock. Though all of this hodgepodging typically makes for an uneven listening experience, White Chocolate do a superb job in maintaining continuity throughout. This excellent album came and went with little fanfare and has been languishing in the RCA vaults ever since. This outstanding vinyl transfer should be all you need to appreciate the talents of this fine Connecticut trio. Dig in!


'orchman' said...

This is a goodie for sure, got it already so i won't go for it. And without any doubts, best track is Midnight Fly, end of story!!

Anonymous said...

Wow!. Excellent album!. Midnight Fly sure is a killer. Very Hendrix-influenced. But there are many gems on this one!.

Graddy said...

Love this too , you rule rock !!!!

Bubba said...

These gems continue to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!
I was aware of this album,but never thought I'd actually get to hear it. :D

Anonymous said...

BTW - "Midnight Fly" is a reworking of Arthur Lee's "Vindicator" albums track "Busted Feet".
(Charlie Karp,David Hull appeared on that album as well)
"Busted Feet' also found it's way to the 1975 Love/Arthur lee alum "Reel To Real".

Rock 'n' Roll Steve said...

I was wondering if there was any connection with Arthur Lee because "Midnight Fly" is too close tobe a coincidence.

GREAT album, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Became aware of this from listening to Slo Leak. Never heard it back in '73, but I'm sure glad I found it now. Thanks!